I can't help but feel that this cage that looks like a fish or being a greater fish than the ictus (the sign of the gospel) having this stone inside it has some representation of the story of Jonah anf the great fish. In this story God delivered Jonah from disobedience and death by rescuing him from the sea and a great storm that the Lord had sent to test him. After three days he was spit out by the fish onto the shore to continue God's work.

Jesus also spoke of Jonah to the Pharisees in the temple speaking that like Jonah, the Son of God would be swallowed by the earth and resurrected after three days. This was the promise of deliverance for Jonah and through Christ the deliverance of sin through His resurrection. The Spirit keeps compelling me to refer to this greater fish that you have made as "Jonah's Promise," and the stones as a witness to how God's promise has delivered individuals by the stone that has identified what God has done in thier life.



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