The Marble Cage is a recognition symbol for recovering from addiction. It started when I went to my first AA meeting. This little old man was welcoming new people so I went up to the front and he gave me a marble. He told me to carry it in my pocket so that when I reach in my pocket to pay for my first drink, I can pull out the marble and throw it away...because I will have lost my marbles.

Wow! The feeling I got when he first gave it to me! I now had something to hold on to. Something to remind me of all the problems I had because of my addiction to alchohol. I thought it was a novel device to have for a constant reminder.

Over the next few weeks I kept dropping my marble and nearly lost it. Because the marble meant so much to me, I began to think of a way to safely carry it with me. That's when I developed the Marble Cage. It's hard to explain the feeling, but with the marble now in a cage, I felt like it was a part of me. Maybe it sounds crazy but it's like I was able to finally hold on to all of the things I had lost.

I hope you too will be as blessed as I have and may you never lose your marbles again!

-Robert E Lee

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